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How professional painters can save you time and money

Hitting the hardware store, stocking up on paintbrushes and slapping a coat of paint on your walls may seem like a good way to cut the budget on your home renovation or building project, but it could actually be costing you more than you think.

Getting in a professional to do the job once and do it well not only saves you time but also money, adding value to your project. Here's how...

Done once

From the outside painting may appear a job suited to the everyday handyman, but a professional offers a whole lot more than handling the labour-intensive task of painting. With their trained eye they can assist with selecting the right palette, the right paint and the right tools for the job.

Learning the technique and finer points of painting takes time and a practiced hand, and a professional painter brings years of experience to the job, ensuring it is done correctly the first time and will stand up to the required task.

Not only that, but ultimately they will save you time, completing the job in days where it may take you weeks of weekends and valuable recreational time.


Done well

Painting is not just about how the job is done; it’s about using the correct tools for the task including the right paint and preparation. Different undercoats and paints offer different finishes for the various areas of a home, and a professional painter is the best person to advise on what paint, where.

This includes selecting the right undercoat sealer for frequently used or wet areas, or using three coats instead of two to protect high traffic areas. Ultimately, this expertise means your paint job will last longer, stand up to wear and tear, and save you money on touch ups, re-coats and full repaints.

They also bring a host of professional tools to the job like scaffolding for high areas, spray paint equipment for undercoats on new builds, and lights to dry areas swiftly.


Done right

Tiny errors from the untrained professional all add up to a job that may appear sub-standard even to the novice eye, and this can ultimately cost you if you're looking to sell or value add to your home. A solid coat of paint that is cut in beautifully around edges reflects a home that is well built and well maintained.

It also indicates to buyers this is not an expense they will need to fork out for anytime soon.


Quality guaranteed

A professional painter will not only do the job to your specifications but can offer a guarantee on their work and the materials used.

Painting technology has changed dramatically in the past few decades. Now products like UV resistant paints for exteriors such as Haymes Solashield offer 20-year protection guarantees, while water based enamels like Haymes Ultratrim offer durability and self levelling properties for the ultimate finish. Many paints also boast benefits like easy-clean properties, low odour and chip resistance.

Meanwhile a painter's business relies on satisfied clientele and the quality of their job.

Getapainter offers access to local painters who are among the finest in the industry. Our painters are pre-screened to ensure the quality of the craftsmanship so you can rest easy in the knowledge they are experienced, licensed and insured, so your weekends will be enjoyed rather than endured, paintbrush in hand.

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