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Painting your home is an investment. Not only will it transform the look of an area, but the best paint jobs and the best paint products will stand the test of time, offering a few extra perks that go above and beyond the traditional call of duty.

Among the select few offering more bang for your paint product buck is the newly revised Haymes Expressions range. Here's what this powerhouse of the painting world has to offer...


Paint may be designed to be aesthetically pleasing but the truth it is has to stand up to day-to-day wear. This ongoing durability needs to encompass high traffic areas and all the bump and grind that life can throw at it (think crayons, fingerprints and the occasional indoor skateboard accident).


That means your paint job not only needs to be hardwearing but readily washable and stain resistant. It needs to come off looking fresh as a daisy even after a round or two with a glass of red wine or poorly handled coffee.

Mould and mildew

Not all surfaces are created equal and some, like kitchens and bathrooms, require extra TLC. These are the wet areas of the domestic realm where little nasties like mould and mildew just love to hang out.

To combat these critters and ensure they don't make a return, your paint needs to be mould and mildew resistant, with Haymes Expressions offering the added assurance of a seven-year guarantee against these unwelcome intruders.


Paint's got a big interior job to do and a lot of that comes down to coverage. You want it to stretch as far as possible without compromising on the look, or without having to apply a multitude of coats to mask that lime green hue you thought was so in vogue back in 2001. The key here is solid blockout so minimum coats return maximum long-term result.


No fumes and odours

There's no doubt the look of fresh paint is appealing, but not so much the odour that often accompanies an interior makeover. What's more, paint fumes can last long after a professional painter has completed the job, packed up and left.

But where once the heady aroma of paint was just a part of the process, Haymes superior paint technology ensures that’s not the case anymore. Their low VOC (volatile organic compound) formula means the Expressions range has virtually no fumes or odours, making your home healthier and allowing a swift return to a freshly painted room. Oh and did we mention that makes it more environmentally friendly too?

About Haymes

Haymes Paint is an Australian born and bred paint innovator that is now in its fourth generation as a family run business. Founded in Ballarat in 1935, it is a leading manufacturer of paint in Australia in large part due to its commitment to crafting quality products and embracing advancement.

Continuing that trend, the new Expressions range offers the latest innovations available, and features:

  • Superior washability
  • Exceptional coverage
  • Mould and mildew protection
  • Stainproof barrier
  • No fumes and odours.

About Getapainter

Our professional painters are proud to have a long-standing association with Haymes Paint. To learn more about our painting services or to obtain a quote, see here.